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Welcome to a world of holistic women's wellness. Where empowerment and comfort go hand in hand. Our vaginal boric acid suppositories are your secret weapon for maintaining the perfect balance in your intimate health. Curated with care and crafted for you, these suppositories are your way to reclaim confidence, freshness and vitality. Boric acid suppositories are for women who experience recurring BV or who want to keep her ph balanced after her period, sex or simply eating certain foods. Begins to rid the vagina of the bad bacteria that causes odor in just 24 hours. Each vegan capsule contains 600 mg of all natural, additive free boric acid. After restoring your natural ph with these suppositories, keep it under control with our other HerSheMe products. Never suffer from ph imbalance again!!


Discover the Ultimate Comfort with Our Vaginal Boric Acid Suppositories


Why Choose Our Vaginal Boric Acid Suppositories?


🌿 Natural Bliss: Our suppositories are formulated with pharmaceutical-grade boric acid, sourced from nature, and free from harmful additives or chemicals.

✨ Gentle and Effective: Experience relief from discomfort, odor, and irritation while promoting a harmonious PH balance, all in one gentle and easy-to-use solution.

🌟 Doctor-Recommended: Trusted by healthcare professionals, our suppositories provide the support your body deserves.

💃 Elevate Your Confidence: Say goodbye to insecurities and hello to renewed self-assurance, helping you shine your brightest every day.



Your journey to feminine wellness starts here. Explore our products and embrace the transformational benefits of vaginal boric acid suppositories. Join countless women who have already discovered the difference. Reclaim your comfort, embrace your confidence, and experience wellness like never before!!!


Prepare to embark on a life of balance, beauty, and delight.


Boric Acid Suppositories (30 count) + 2 disposable applicators

  • No returns on feminine hygiene products


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